Meet the colourful and awe-inspiring birds in Wingspan: Oceania Expansion! Discover unique cards’ abilities and a whole new type of food. Enjoy picturesque backgrounds inspired by Oceania and soothe yourself with relaxing music. Play solo against AI or with friends wherever you are.

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Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is the second DLC for the digital adaptation of Wingspan. It is a board game about birds designed for 1-5 players. In this game, you’re taking care of a nature preserve in which there are 3 habitats: forest, grassland and wetland. To every one of them, you can play cards of birds with unusual powers, based on their natural characteristics. Your main goal is to attract as many birds as possible to your preserves and complete various challenges to earn points and ultimately win!

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What's new?
New Food Type - Nectar

Nectar is a new and unique type of food in the Oceania Expansion. Depending on the conditions, it can either be the bird’s direct food, or a substitute for another type of it. Players compete to have the most nectar spent in each habitat at the end of the game to score additional points.

Brand New Board Actions

In the Oceania Expansion, the game board features entirely new actions. Now in the 2nd and 4th columns of the forest and wetlands, you can perform a birdfeeder reset (in the forest) or a face-up card tray reset. You can pay for this action with any food from your resources.

Chirping cards

Wingspan: Oceania Expansion comes with 95 new bird cards from the Oceania area. Each bird in the game is accompanied by a recording of its real sound.

authentic backgrounds

In Wingspan: Oceania Expansion you’ll also find new backgrounds created by our artists, inspired by the landscapes of Oceania.

Automa mode

As in the base version of the game, an Automa mode will also be available in Wingspan: Oceania Expansion. This is a specially designed artificial opponent that allows you to play a solo variant of gameplay. It has its own specific rules. In the new expansion it will receive additional objective cards, which will add variety to the gameplay.

and more...

Players who are interested in playing against other players – just like the base version of Wingspan – we have you covered! Wingspan: Oceania Expansion will enables cross-platform gaming with players from all over the world. No matter where you are, you can face others and fight for victory.

For those with a thirst for competition, we have also created the Automa Weekly Challenge. In this competition, players can face off against Automa under strict rules. The best player of the week is always displayed in the game menu, so everyone knows who the champion is this time.

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